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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Beginning

So, This picture here at the top, is what Ammon Nox's work out spot looks like when he works out in the early morning with the sun. That hard thing in the background his is mansion - the one his father (the Priest) gave him. I am picking up these pictures all over town lol.

After washing some dishes in the next little while, I will begin the first set of writings on RUNT! It will be the prologue. I was gonna grab a glass of wine but it's Akiwaba from South Africa and boy is it strong. Took two sips the other night and was all a buzz so writing and sipping that is not a good idea. I wish the stores here carried XOXO because that's a nice smooth wine to write while sipping.

This picture here ---> is teh land where one of the fight scenes will happen. I LOVE love LOVE this area it's so beautiful.

Anways, so I've done some research and well found that I can pretty much make up the rules when it came to Shifters but once I make them I have to stick with them, Consistency my dear Clarice lol. I am seriously still actually thinking of what race to make my beautiful Ammon Nox - not sure yet though. I guess it will come to me. I have the world created, his family tree completed I just have to figure out his race. It's a tad hard because since I named him after his destiny I assumed I could pretty much decide what race he would be by the seat of my pants right? Not so smart, but really, what am I gonna do right?

A friend of mine and I were trying to figure out if we would make this a series but I don't know. It's been rather hard trying to pin down a time to write since she is in a different time zone than I am. She's like three hours behind me and when I am on lately she's not and when she's on I'm not, or she's sick. It's been a strange few weeks at best.
Anyways, I best go get those dishes washed so I can begin.