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Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome to RUNT!

Hi and thank you for visiting RUNT OF THE PACK! aka RUNT. This blog will follow the progress of the novel Runt of the Pack until I am finished and it is accepted to a publisher. I have no idea where or when but I know thatI have this idea that's burning a hole in me and must be written.

The story "Runt of the Pack" will be about a wolf shifter left for dead as a child - why? Well I can't give away all the secrets now, can I? Let's just say the picture right there <--- is what I want the outside of his home to look like. Trees all around with vines growing on the outside of the large, old mansion. Now tomorrow, God willing (or as the muslims would say "inshallah") I shall try and take some more pictures of that building before winter comes and the leaves all turn brown and go away *pouts* I love it when the leaves turn brown but when they fall off the building looks naked lol. So the first thing to do is research right? But there's nothing on Wolf Shifters---hrm...Don't wanna write a werewolf for ovious reasons... Anyways I am off to research.