LONG LIVE THE KING! - R.I.P Michael Jackson

Monday, October 12, 2009


Hello all,

So even though I am supposed to be on holidays, it's Canadian thanksgiving and my first reading week, I've decided to finish up the Prologue for RUNT. It is finished and so far we have two dead bodies lol. Now the word count is at 4,276 and I am hoping to write the first chapter perhaps tomorrow. It's slow writing this genre because I keep writing in the fashion that I would normally write a contemporary in and then have to delete whole sections to write it in paranormal speak. It's frustrating too but I am slowly getting it.

I am debating whether I should change his name from Ammon Nox to something else. It's two languages slapped together because I couldn't find a name that meant what I wanted it to mean that sounds like a name. I am still looking and names can be changed later before it's finished or submitted, right?

Also, I am gathering deep, sentimental quotes that Ammon will say. They won't be anything corny like "bring it on!" but they will be quotes that I hope people will say "woo....that was deep..." lol. So far I have three and am working on others. We will see what happens. I may even have a contest for it you never know. Anyways, I am going to get ready for my favorite new show "Castle" starring Serenity's Nathan Fillion. He is so dreameh!