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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I've Been Bad

Ok, So I've been bad and haven't written on here in a while. I haven't written on RUNT in a while either. It's just lately, I lost a friend and with him went my motivation to write. I'm slowly getting it back though. I'll be able to write some on Runt later on today. I'm thinking of deleting and rewriting chapter two because it moved too fast.

Another reason why I haven't been writing much is I am finally finished University (YAY ME!) but now trying to find a permanent/part-time/full-time job is like ripping your hair out while banging your head over and over into a brick wall. There aren't any jobs and these big headed politicians are telling the public that unemployment is down. I don't know what country's stats they're reading but it couldn't be the same one I am looking for a job in *sigh*

Anyways, I'd better go back to job hunting. Will update the word counter later on tonight.

Kadian Tracey

Sunday, February 28, 2010

RUNT update

Well hello all,
I know, I seemed to have been slacking but you would not believe the first two months I've had. I found out that I could have graduated without spending another semester in Unviersity but my school's advisers screwed up and gave me the wrong info so I'm stuck here for another few months *sigh* but then A LOVER'S WISH was released in december, VELOCITY was released a few days ago and I had to finish writing a novel I've been writing since before Nano Wrimo which got picked up by Devine Destinies!! Then the Olympics started and had to cheer on my Team Canada dontcha know!! We are happy for the Olympics but we are VERY happy for our two golds in Women's and Men's hockey!! WOOHOO!!

So needless to say it's been a LONG two months.

But, I am writing on RUNT again. The prologue and Chapter one are finished. I am moving on to Chapter two tomorrow because its time Ammon and Skye meet each other. I've gone through the prologue and added some stuff, did a little editing but for the most part it is finished and so is chapter one.